YATO (Poland) Service tool roller cabinet with 177pcs tools

YATO (Poland) Service tool roller cabinet with 177pcs tools




- 6 drawers with individual self-lock and one center lock with 2pcs special security key.

- Heavy Duty ball bearing drawers with below dimension and loading capacity:

    ~ 1st - 3rd tray: 540 x 391 x 58mm (35kg)

    ~ 4th - 5th tray: 540 x 391 x 128mm (50kg)

    ~ 6th tray: 540 x 391 x 195mm (50kg)

- Non slip polypropylene worktop with ergonomic designed handle and 3 small compartments. 

- 4 wheels 125mm: 2 fixed, 2 castors (1 with brake)

- Universal perforated side wall (double walls)

- 12 interchangeable trays with tool inserts as below:

  YT-5531, YT-5532, YT-5533, YT-5534, YT-5535, YT-5536,

  YT-5537, YT-5538, YT-5539, YT-5540, YT-5541, YT-5542.

- Total 177pcs tools in 12 interchangeable trays in 4 drawers.

- Cabinet dimension: 958 x 766 x 465mm

- Cabinet weight is 78kg approximately 


- Suitable for Automotive, Industrial and Professional Use

- Ergonomic Designed and user friendly 

- ABS side panel provide working safety and reduce accident impact 

- Universal perforated panel allow add-on accessories for environmental safety and health purpose

- Improved locking mechanism increase safety 

- Life Time Warranty for Professional Use


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